IMPACT 20 – largest virtual marketing conference

IMPACT 20 – largest virtual marketing conference. 2020 has changed the way people think about business. Panic borders on denial, the desire for isolation – on the awareness of health as the main value. Internet marketing has become the backbone of communication and customer acquisition in almost all business areas. It’s time to summarize the interim results. 

The main theme of the IMPACT 20 – largest virtual marketing conference is a rethinking of the achievements of the past, moving forward, as well as the readiness of humanity for new opportunities. 

October 2, 2020, spawned new ways of thinking in the world of the Internet & Marketing. How the events of the current year have affected the business? Is an online business directory an effective tool to show presence, especially for those who gto struck hard (e.g. the gastronomy)? How do we deal with sudden adversity? But more importantly, what are we doing to develop new industries, markets, and innovative solutions? What have we learned as professionals and people? These are the questions that IMPACT 20 – largest virtual marketing conference answered. 


Contents of the conference 

The conference consisted of thematic sections taking place simultaneously. Several reports were heard in each section. Also within the framework of the conference, masterclasses and short motivational reports from leading experts in the field of Internet & Marketing were held.


The main topics of the conference were: 

    • AI / AR. 
    • Virtual Business. 
    • Collaboration / Blended Working Environments 
    • Ideation to Innovation During Remote Work. 
    • Generation Alpha. 
    • Influencers. 
    • Google SEO in 2020 and Beyond 
    • Content Marketing Trends and much more. 
    • Some of the most famous guest speakers included: 
    • Palmer LuckeyFounder, Anduril Industries & Oculus VR. 
    • Steve Wozniak. Co-founder, Apple Computer Inc., Woz U, Efforts 
    • Christi Olson. Global Media SEM Team Lead, Microsoft. 
    • Jay Symonds. Senior Manager, Amazon. 
    • Jeff Volpe. President, Americas, ViewSonic.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the conference we noticed? 

IMPACT 20 – the largest virtual marketing conference – is a great opportunity to establish new business relationships without leaving your home and develop them into a long-term cooperation. The conference summed up the logical result of all the successful business cases implemented in recent years (if you want to read more why the world shouldn’t stay with local business directory read through our article and find out how to create your business listing for free by yourself)

At the conference, the basic principles of modern marketing were formulated: how to attract customers, how to calculate efficiency and scale the result, etc. 

The only significant drawback was the virtual format of the event. Not every listener can be imbued with the seriousness of the topic offered to him, being in his home comfort zone, sipping fresh and slowly swinging in his hammock. In addition, the oppressive atmosphere of the global pandemic leaves an imprint of nervous tension not only on the audience but also on the speakers themselves. 

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