local business directory My Google as a good alternative to local business directoryThe classic thick printed directories with information about organizations and their contacts in your city have lost their relevance with the advent of electronic ones. A large number of electronic business listing of various directions are available on the Internet. 


Who can benefit from a business directory? 

Relevant information about companies with regular updates and editing allows you to own data in a specific area in full. Entering information about newly created organizations and deleting information about already non-existent ones is an important component for providing complete and reliable information today. Such online business directory helps the organizations included in the database to inform about themselves and the services offered and is necessary for the consumer to find a suitable company. 

A good catalog is one in which the information is always up-to-date, in short, newly created companies and those that have not yet managed to add their name to it are regularly added, and names that have disappeared from the market of certain goods and services are removed. It is equally useful both to the firms mentioned in it and to potential buyers of their products. In recent years, numerous local and regional business directories have been replaced by a project from Google, the US IT giant (see more under our post about Google business local). 


What is Google My Business? 

GMB is a handy tool for managing information about companies and organizations. By updating and validating business information about themselves, companies directory help people find them online and keep in touch with them. 


Local business directory 

Since Google My Business allows users to choose their geolocation, excluding companies from other regions from their attention, we can say that this project is an interactive local business directory. 


What are the benefits of claiming a business on Google? 

Even if you have a completely offline type of business, having a presence on Google Maps (in other words, registering in Google My Business and therefore claiming a business on Google) will do a lot of good. Best of all, it won’t cost you a cent. 


GMB helps businesses: 

  • Stand out from competitors. By adding yourself to the local business directory, you can disseminate basic information about your company (what you sell, hours and days of work, address, contact details). GMB My Business scores are usually higher than other organic and paid results. Here you can add photos of your business, create a free website using a special online tool, and publish informational articles about yourself.
  • Interact with customers by taking calls from them, respond to reviews, and answer questions.
  • Attract more new customers by getting free analytics from My Google (how many people viewed the company’s page, how many they plotted a route in maps, how many called), as well as showing paid ads. 


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