Business listing site The Benefits of a Google my business listing siteGoogle My Business (GMB) is an effective free tool for promoting your company on the Internet. With the help of the Google business listing site, you can make it easier for potential customers to find information about your company, and also get many other benefits, which we will discuss below. 

What is Google My Business? 

GMB My Business is a service where you post information about a company for users of the search engine and Google Maps navigator. Also, this information is taken into account by the search engine itself in order to increase the relevance of the search results (SERP). 

Business listing 

With the help of your business listing from Google you can create a card of your company and affiliates in Google Maps. In it, users will be able to see basic data about your company. Also, information from a business account in the Google is available in extended snippets among search results for branded queries. 

Business listing site 

GMB account is a kind of business card of a company on the Internet, which the user sees in general search and Google Maps. Using your account on the Google business listing site, you can post, supplement and update information about yourself on this business directory. 

Registration in the Google business directory provides the following advantages: 

– Additional visitors on the site. When a user enters a request related to your services or containing a brand name, then in the search results he sees not a standard snippet – a link to a site with a description of 200 characters – but an extended description with a logo, photo, indicated work schedule, basic services, etc. This significantly increases the number of clicks from the SERP for your business listing. 

Google business local 

– Additional contacts with the target audience. With the help of GMB, you place a company card in the Google Maps service, and these are additional contacts with potential customers who use the navigator to find services. If you provide offline services, then registration in Google Maps using My Google business local listing is a must, since the service can become the main source of new customers on the Internet. 

Claiming a business on google 

  • Local SEO advantage. Additional data about the company allows you to get more conversions from local search results. Also, the information you provide about the field of activity, address and main services in the process of claiming a business on google, is taken into account by the search engine and may affect the ranking in local results. 
  • More trust of potential customers. Customers can leave reviews on the product card on the online business directory, which is great social proof. In addition, the posted photos and detailed descriptions increase the confidence of users who view the card. 
  • Increased brand awareness. The logo, name and photo, the Internet user see in an extended snippet or when searching on maps even before going to the site. This greatly increases the chances of your brand being remembered, giving you the perfect start in a companies directory. 

Optimize your business directory account 

First of all, you should carefully double-check the posted information on the local business directory, all data must be reliable. Otherwise, users will start suggesting fixes en masse, which will affect your rankings as a result. 

It is necessary to regularly update the content: share news, post new photos. If you changed your phone number or moved one of the company’s branches, you should immediately correct the outdated information on 

In the Google business directory account is it most importantly – answer user questions in time. If they go unanswered for a long time, it can negatively affect your ranking. In addition, this way you increase the loyalty of customers exploring the page. 

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